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White Spinball

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About White Spinball

Spinball is a type of Obstacle Series game that involves catch and throwing the ball. It's an Arcade game where your task is to guide the ball to the goal. Sign up now to play this interesting

You are a spinning ball and you have to get to the end quickly! Use your two fingers to spin you in any direction. Collect stars and make your way through 30 levels of varying difficulty. Obstacles will get in your way and you'll have to use the environment and your surroundings to your advantage. The more stars you collect the more stars are added to the end of the level. This means that the more stars you collect in a single level, the higher the difficulty level will be. There are 3 stars to collect in every level. Collect all 3 stars in a level to pass it. There are 3 difficulty levels as well: level 1 is the easiest level, level 2 is more difficult and level 3 is the hardest level. Keep playing to unlock new levels and cool

You are a Spinball. You have no control over which direction you will go, but you have a certain amount of Spinning Time each level that you can spend on various strategies to help you get to the end fast. Switching lanes will slow you down, but if you stay in one lane, the faster you spin, the faster you will move. Try to get the highest score for the least amount of time. You have a limited amount of time at your disposal when it comes to spinning, so think fast and strategically. Use the environment to your advantage, or employ a different strategy altogether! This challenge game will test your reflexes, your eye coordination and your strategic thinking. Are you ready to face the

Spinball is one of the most addictive and challenging games around. You’ll have hours of fun playing this game as it’s simple but challenging. You need to guide the ball through the obstacles, ramps and spinner to reach the finish line. Some of these obstacles can be tricky some can be simple and some can be mind boggling but it’s all fun. This game is developed using HTML5 and CSS3. You can play it on your desktop, laptop, tablet PC, mobile phones and also on a gaming console like XBOX, PS3 and Wii. Read on to find out how you can play this game and enjoy the fun of

Spinball is an arcade game. Your goal is to collect all the stars. The stars are in different places and have different properties. For example, some stars are worth more points than others, and some stars are worth more points if you collect them in a specific order. Get ready to test your skills in this fantastic arcade game. You will have to use your mouse to move the ball and collect all the

How to play White Spinball

Controls Use the left mouse button to hold, drag and destroy the items.

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