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Mommy Long Legs vs FNF

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About Mommy Long Legs vs FNF

FNF against Mommy Long Legs (Playtime Poppy) is one of the most popular Friday Night Funkin-based FNF Mods. The first obstacle will be singing "Hug Me" while facing (or rather, turning around while running) Huggy Wuggy. But why run? All he wants is a hug! In the second rap fight, Boyfriend will face a fresh, perhaps slightly superior opponent. In "Special Guest," Mommy Long Legs, the protagonist of Chapter 2 of Poppy Play Time, will indeed challenge you to a duel. Sing to avoid the huge legs of this Spider-Man toy, which will do anything to distract you and cause you to lose. But that's not all, as a bonus in the freeplay menu you'll find an epic final song with Mommy Long Legs.
How can I play?
You can play FNF Mommy Long Legs (Playtime Poppy) Mod online on your computer with WASD or Arrow Keys. When marking the judgement line, you must press the keys. The Enter key can be used to start or pause Mod Mommy Long Legs (Playtime Poppy).


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