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FNF Vs. Void

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About FNF Vs. Void

FNF vs. Void is a disco/electronic/electric modification for Friday Night Funkin' that enables you to participate in a legendary performance. A.C. The Void, a galaxy-famous and identifiable egotistical pop singer, will have to face off against the lover. Void challenges your performance after hearing about Boyfriend's previous successes (including a rap battle with famous rocker Daddy Dearest). The program will begin with three bouts set to the tunes "Asteroids," "Weightless," and "Event Horizon." With its melodic tones and frantic rhythms, the Void will not allow you to relax. Out of appreciation for his audience, A.C. Void, whose ego is the size of a black hole, will dare you to play three more of his songs after this initial performance. With "Ultraviolet" and "Gravity," rap fights will get even more intense. The crowd is delighted by the musical performance, which is accompanied by dazzling lights and throbbing bass. Void and Boyfriend will engage in a dramatic and furious battle in the final song, "Singularity," to establish once and for all who is the finest vocalist. This will be the night's highlight.

How to play FNF Vs. void
Use the mouse

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