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FNF Vs Angry Dad

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About FNF Vs Angry Dad

Rap Battle with a Simpsons Twist!


Prepare for a hilarious and unexpected showdown in "FNF Vs Angry Dad," a one-shot Friday Night Funkin' mod that takes a fun twist on the iconic animated series, The Simpsons. This unique mod introduces players to the world of Angry Dad, a comic-based internet series created by none other than Bart Simpson himself. Get ready to rap, groove, and face off against an angry dad like no other in this entertaining and offbeat mod.

How to Play

In "FNF Vs Angry Dad," players step into the shoes of Boyfriend, who finds himself in a rather unusual situation. To play, follow these simple steps:

  1. Groove to the Beat: As Boyfriend, you'll engage in a series of rap battles against the Angry Dad character. Keep your rhythm and hit the right notes to outshine your opponent.

  2. Follow the Story: Dive into the world of Angry Dad as you progress through the mod. Discover the quirky and comical storyline as you engage in rap battles.

  3. Make Choices: Like in other Friday Night Funkin' mods, "FNF Vs Angry Dad" may present you with choices that can impact the game's outcome. Choose wisely and see where your decisions lead you.

  4. Enjoy the Music: Groove to catchy tunes and enjoy the humorous dialogues as you rap your way to victory.

This one-shot mod offers a refreshing and amusing take on the Friday Night Funkin' universe, combining the world of The Simpsons with funky beats and rap battles. Whether you're a fan of the show or just looking for a good time, "FNF Vs Angry Dad" promises an entertaining and memorable experience.

So, get ready to face off against the hilariously Angry Dad, showcase your rhythm and rhyming skills, and immerse yourself in the colorful world of The Simpsons in this fun-filled Friday Night Funkin' mod.

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