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FNF Chaos Nightmare (Sonic Vs. Fleetway) - [Friday Night Funkin']

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About FNF Chaos Nightmare (Sonic Vs. Fleetway) - [Friday Night Funkin']

Hello everyone, Today we are going to look at Fleetway Funkin Network Edition on Friday night. And that's the Sonic vs Fleetway FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN version! It is an event that you cannot miss. You have to see what happened and how things turned out. The Global Fleet Network was established in 1936 and has been in operation ever since. Today, it is owned by London-based MediaCorp, which also owns other media outlets such as Channel News Asia (CNA) and Today newspaper. About Friday Night Funkin Network Edition itself, it is a special kind of crossover game released in 2009 by Fleetway in collaboration with British company Games Workshop. While many video games are often inspired by movies. or the popular anime series, Friday Night Funkin' was created from its counterparts in that it was an homage to a particular movie: The Adventures of Friday the 13th. Yes, you heard that right; It's not just any other media that has inspired this game - it was Jason Voorhees who gave the green light to these pranks! GAME FEATURES: - 5 LEVELS WITH UNIQUE OBJECTIVES THAT HAVE SOME CHALLENGES AND ATHLETIC SONICS GUIDE YOU THROUGH THEM! - COMPETE AGAINST YOUR FRIENDLY OR SOME PEOPLE FORGET IN CO-OP MODE! - USE YOUR SONIC TEAM MOMENTUM TO COMPLETE LEVELS FAST


How to play FNF Chaos Nightmare (Sonic Vs. Fleetway) - [Friday Night Funkin']

Using Mouse


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