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Bomb It 7

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About Bomb It 7

Bomb It 7 ! In this action packed arcade game, you play as the Unit, an advanced robot with a homing missile for an arm and the ability to shoot down incoming enemy bombers with a giant bomb! The world has become a dangerous place, and the danger is multiplying. A new threat has emerged, and they are referred to as "Bombers." These creatures are a threat not only to mankind, but also to the planet itself. They are space born organisms that feed on radiation, and their presence has caused a surge in natural disasters all over the world. The Unit is the only one that can stop them, and now they need your

This one is an arcade game inspired by the classic Bomberman games of the past. The game features single player campaign, local multiplayer, global leaderboards, and more! This amazing game is a top-down shooter where you use your powers to blast your way to victory! Collect power-ups and fight your way past waves of enemies to become the ultimate bomberman! Game features: - Single player campaign with a variety of missions. - Local multiplayer over Bluetooth or online with friends. - Global leaderboards to compete against players from all over the world. - More than 40 levels to complete. - 5 unique powers. - 5 unique worlds to explore. - And much much more! ---- Want to know more about This one ? Check out our official site at and follow us on Twitter @BombIt7 for the latest news and updates! ---- > Play Other HTML5 Games > Bomb It 7 Cheats (click to show) .

The bomb squad just received a distress call from Mars! An alien race has invaded Earth and it’s up to you to save the planet! Blast your way through hordes of deadly aliens in this top down arcade shooter! Armed with a bomb arsenal that includes grenades, rockets, and nukes, you must defeat waves of attacking aliens to save the Earth. Blast through hordes of aliens shooting everything in sight. Earn points by collecting power ups and defeating bosses. Unlock new characters, planes, and bosses as you progress. This one is the latest installment in the Bomb It series. It’s a fast-paced arcade shooter with awesome power ups and a top-down perspective. Blast your way through aliens and save the world in this html5 game. - Collect power ups that give you special abilities - Unlock new characters and planes - Fight against bosses and mini-bosses - Compete on the global high score list - This one supports 2 players on the same device - This one is free to play, but you can purchase additional items in the store to remove ads, unlock all levels, and remove the time

After World War 3, humankind has rebuilt and adapted. But when a new threat arises, you must use your skills to build and customize your own bomber and defend the Earth!Armed with a handful of missiles and a single-use bomb, you must navigate through a series of deadly obstacle courses in order to take down enough enemy ships to proceed to the next level. With classic arcade gameplay, a variety of upgradeable ships, power-ups, and a heavy dose of bombs, Bomberman is a modern take on the classic top-down

Take on the role of daring aircraft pilots and blast your way through hordes of nasty monsters in this top-down, arcade style game. Use your guns, missiles, bombs and power-ups to destroy everything that gets in your way and save


How to play Bomb It 7

Player 1 controls Arrow keys or WASD to control the movement Space bar to drop the bomb Player 2 controls Arrow keys to control the movement Enter to drop the bomb


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