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Stick Duel: Revenge

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About Stick Duel: Revenge

In this cool stickman shooting game you have to fight against your opponent with a stick. The first player to get the opposing player’s head to the ground wins. You can play this game by yourself or with a friend in two player mode. The aim of the game is to shoot your opponent to make him fall down. You need to avoid getting hit by him in order to win the duel. If you love playing shooting games, then this is the perfect game for you. It is easy to play and hard to master. Good luck! Instructions: Move: Use Arrow Keys to control your character. Shoot: Use Space Bar to shoot your

Stick duels have been a part of many cultures and have been a part of many games. But what if the stick wasn’t just a game controller, but a weapon? What if it was your primary means of personal defense? These were the questions that drove one Stickman to seek out other Stickmen and teach them the art of Stick Dueling. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or a casual fan of strategy games, you will love this fast-paced and intense two player stickman fighting game. STICK DUEL REVENGE features: - 10,000 words of Stickman dialogue, dialogues and story, complete with voice-overs and sound effects. - 18 different Stickman characters to choose from. - Over 60 levels of stickman battle action, with each level having a unique theme and combat challenge. - 6 different game modes. - 6 different difficulty levels. – Expert for the truly hardcore stickman dueling

Stikman Duel Revenge is a local multiplayer game where one player controls the sticks and the other player controls the bullets. Dodge the bullets and try to hit your opponent with your Sticks. If you hit your opponent, he will be out of the game. But be careful, you only have so many lives. The last man standing wins! If you love Stickman games and love to play against your friends, this game is for you! Stikman Duel Revenge is a fun and challenging game that you and your friends will enjoy playing against each other. This game is played with two players, one player controls the sticks and the other controls the bullets. The challenge in this game is to avoid getting hit by the bullets while trying to hit your opponent with your sticks. The last man standing wins! This game is easy to learn, but difficult to master. It takes a lot of skill to avoid getting hit by the bullets while aiming precisely at your opponent with your sticks. If you get hit once, your stickman will fall down and you will lose a life. If you get hit again, you will be out of the game. The last man standing wins! Be the last stickman standing to see who will win the battle of stick duel

Stick duels are the simplest yet most strategic form of gaming. The winner is the stickman who strikes the final blow on the opponent. Millions of gamers worldwide are crazy about this simple yet adrenaline-pumping game. The stick duel game is among the top multiplayer games across all gaming categories and platforms. If you love challenging opponents, blasting enemies, and fighting for superiority, then you will love this stick duel game. It features two stickman combatants engaged in a fight to the finish. The player must use their character’s special skills to eliminate the other stickman by striking them with a boxing glove. The player must use their character’s special skills, such as punches, kicks, throws and dodges, to eliminate the other stickman. The winner is the stickman who strikes the final blow on their opponent. This multiplayer stickman game is played with a variety of controllers including Xbox Controller, Bluetooth Controller, Wii Nunchuk and Computer Mouse. The Stickman Duel Revenge is an arcade game that you can play in single-player or multiplayer mode. You can play against the computer AI, or challenge a friend via LAN or the Internet. In multiplayer mode, you can also play the game with another human player. The game features 10 different arenas and a multitude of stickman characters with unique fighting styles and abilities. You can play as a Stickman Warrior, a Stickman Knight, a Stickman Assassin or as a Stickman

Stick Duels are the most classic battle strategy ever! In this awesome new stickman fighting game you will get to choose from a variety of stick figures and swords and fight against your friends, foes or even aliens! But that’s not all, you will also get to fight against stickman warriors from all over the world and prove that you are the


How to play Stick Duel: Revenge

Using Mouse


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