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Rabbids Volcano Panic

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About Rabbids Volcano Panic

The Rabbids have invaded the quiet island of Montaña Rusa and it’s up to you and your friends to save the day! Using your wits, explore the island, uncover secrets and defeat the Rabbids together in this fun and frenetic adventure game. Hot on the heels of their successful Rabbids Invasion game, Ubisoft brings the Rabbids back to their action-packed roots in this fast-paced, family-friendly multiplayer game. In Rabbids Volcano Panic, up to 4 players can dive into the game together, competing to see who can rescue the most Rabbids. Each character has their own specific skills, including a love of the arts and a talent for science. Work together to solve puzzles, fight the Rabbids and collect valuable Artifacts. When two players team up, the fun can truly

The Rabbids have raided the Mushroom Kingdom, replacing all the characters with their own brand of unpleasantness. Now it’s up to you and your friends to save the kingdom by blowing them up! Play locally with up to 4 players or take on the AI in single player or local multiplayer modes. Unlock new Rabbids, weapons and power-ups to defeat wave after wave of enemies. The more enemies you destroy, the more bonus power-ups you unlock. Use your Time to feed your favourite Rabbids, unlock new outfits and benefits and dress them up with different hats and mustaches. The more helpful your Rabbids are, the higher their ‘helpfulness’ rating will be. The higher the rating, the more damage they will do to the enemies. Get ready to save the Mushroom

The Rabbids have Taken over the Playground! The Playground is now a Rabbid-inhospitable place where the only safe space is the bathroom. Find matching pairs and run to safety! But be careful, the Rabbids are in there too. You’ll need to work with your friends to escape the lava, and the Rabbids, alive. Avoid being caught, collect secret keys and run to safety! Rabbids Volcano Panic is a local two-player platform game. In each level, one player plays as the Rabbids and the other player plays as their friends. The two players team up to escape the Rabbids and the dangerous Rabbid-infested play-space. The goal of each level is to find matching pairs of friends and run to safety. Avoid the dangerous Rabbids and the lava. Collect keys and make your way to the

The Rabbids hopped to the island of Easter Island, and colonized it. The Rabbids turned the island into a cult favorite tourist destination, and erected a bunch of statues to honor their favorite food—rabbits. Now the Rabbids have kidnapped your cat, pulled her into the volcano, and are holding her captive in their zoo! You’ll have to play as one of the Rabbids and explore the island to save your

Help the Rabbids save their volcano by running, jumping, and solving puzzles in this fast-paced, physics-based platformer! When an erupting volcano threatens to engulf the cute little Rabbids, it’s time to grab your friends and hit the running path! Run, jump, and outwit the lava to save the


How to play Rabbids Volcano Panic

Controls Use the arrow keys or drag the left mouse button to run around in the arena.


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