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Poppy Huggie Escape

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About Poppy Huggie Escape

Poppy Huggie Escape has you fleeing your worst nightmares. Poppy Huggie Escape is an escape room game of the horror genre in which you are confined in a room with the terrible creature Huggy! Plan your escape, incorporating an obstacle course, continuous sprinting, leaping, and sliding! You're being pursued by the obnoxious blue monster Huggy, so you must run, leap, and slide to escape the house while avoiding obstacles. You must collect all the keys to unlock the door; otherwise, the monster will capture you. Accept the task when you feel prepared! Can you run as fast as you can to escape this nightmare?

This game is dismal for you. The objective of this platform game's gloomy passageways is to escape the terrifying creature and save your life. To accomplish this, you must satisfy two conditions. The first is that the required number of keys must be reached by cycling through them. The second most essential aspect of your platform is its running performance. Quickly run and avoid tripping or touching the spikes. The up arrow key should be used to traverse gaps and stools. With the down arrow key, you can glide beneath spiked tunnels. You will complete the level if you have enough keys when you reach the end of the corridor. Attempt to unlock new creatures after completing each level. Now, determine whether you can escape this position!

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