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Funkin' at Freddy Vs. Afton

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About Funkin' at Freddy Vs. Afton

From Sonic to Mario, from Pac-Man to Pikachu, kids love these video game characters. The best part is that they can bring these characters into their world in the form of costumes. Your kids can dress up as their favorite characters at Halloween and other masquerade occasions. But this isn't just any outfit: it's a matching couple outfit! Not only will your child like the character, but they will like the character to you! Have you ever seen the Freddy Vs Afton couple's outfit? Funky Freddy and Afton went head-to-head in a rap battle to see who had the best lyrics! In this game you will assist one of them by throwing a digital baseball at their screen to keep the beat. You'll want to beat your opponents by hitting the right buttons when they start rapping, but there are some turning points you need to stay on top of the leaderboard.


How to play Funkin' at Freddy Vs. Afton

Using Mouse


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