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Funk Guys: Ultimate Knockout

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About Funk Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Funk Guys: Ultimate Knockout - A Spooky Musical Adventure


Funk Guys: Ultimate Knockout is an exciting mod for Friday Night Funkin' that takes inspiration from the popular game Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Released as a special Halloween demo, this mod offers a thrilling mini-adventure featuring two rap battles known as Nightmare Songs. In this unique crossover, Boyfriend finds himself transported to the vibrant and chaotic Fall Guys universe, but with a spooky twist - every character has been corrupted and turned into skeletons. It's now up to Boyfriend to do what he does best - challenge his opponents to music and restore harmony to this haunted realm.

Tips to Win

To emerge victorious in the rap battles of Funk Guys: Ultimate Knockout, players should practice the songs and familiarize themselves with the rhythm and beats of each opponent. Quick reflexes and accurate hits are crucial to maintain the flow of the music and defeat the spooky skeletons. Additionally, paying close attention to the patterns and timing of the notes will help players keep up with the fast-paced gameplay. Practicing the songs and maintaining focus are key elements to conquer the challenges in this hauntingly fun mod.

Advantages of Playing

Funk Guys: Ultimate Knockout offers players a delightful mashup of Friday Night Funkin' and Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, providing a unique and entertaining experience. The mod's Halloween-themed setting and spooky characters add a fun and thrilling twist to the usual rap battles. With engaging gameplay, catchy music, and a Halloween-inspired atmosphere, Funk Guys: Ultimate Knockout keeps players entertained for hours. It's a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the Halloween season with some rhythm-based challenges.


Embark on a spooky and entertaining musical adventure with Funk Guys: Ultimate Knockout, a captivating mod for Friday Night Funkin'. Journey into the haunted Fall Guys universe, where every character has been corrupted and turned into skeletons, and face challenging rap battles to restore harmony. Test your rhythm and reflexes as Boyfriend takes on Pink and battles against the spooky skeletons in the "Final Round." With its Halloween-themed setting and delightful crossover with Fall Guys, Funk Guys: Ultimate Knockout promises an unforgettable and entertaining experience for players of all ages. So, get ready to groove to the music and conquer the spooky challenges in this Halloween demo of Friday Night Funkin'!

How to play Funk Guys: Ultimate Knockout

In Funk Guys: Ultimate Knockout, players take control of Boyfriend as he navigates the eerie Fall Guys universe. The gameplay involves engaging in rap battles against the corrupted characters, who have now become spooky skeletons. Players must use their arrow keys to hit the notes in sync with the music, showcasing their rhythm and accuracy to outperform their opponents. The two rap battles, "Fallen" against Pink and "Final Round," offer an exciting challenge that requires quick reflexes and precise timing.

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