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FNF Vs. Sunday Remastered - [Friday Night Funkin']

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About FNF Vs. Sunday Remastered - [Friday Night Funkin']

Friday Night Fun is an arcade rhythm game developed by Future Thinker, a subsidiary of Bandai Namco Games. It was released as an arc on June 3, 2017. The game is based on the "Fnaf" rhythm game franchise and was released for the Nintendo Switch later that month on August 29, 2018. The game has five different modes: Story Mode, Challenge Mode, Free Time/Arcade Mode, Survival, and End Level Clearance. In Story Mode and Challenge Mode, players will unlock new songs as they progress through the game while in Video Game and Free Time Mode the player can access any Any song unlocked at any time by paying with "Fun Bucks", an in-game currency that can be earned by playing or unlocking certain in-game achievements. The player can also purchase additional Fun Bucks if needed from the Store Channel which is unlocked after completing the Challenge mode's Difficulty 2 once, with the difficulty increasing each time. Story Mode consists of five chapters, each with eight levels, with one to four songs played in each level depending on the chapter. During a level, the player is required to complete different tasks such as reaching a specific point in a song before time runs out or hitting musical notes and objects at specific times to unlock doors. or go deeper into the tunnel. If the player doesn't reach the target point within the specified time period they will not reach that level but can still complete it again from its replay menu when all objectives have been achieved


How to play FNF Vs. Sunday Remastered - [Friday Night Funkin']

Using Mouse


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