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FNF Vs. Suicide Mouse

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About FNF Vs. Suicide Mouse

FNF Vs. Suicide Mouse is one of the most popular Friday Night Funkin-based FNF Mods. This mod for Friday Night Funkin' was inspired by YouTuber Nec1's Suicide Mouse - Unseen Stranger Footage video of Mickey Mouse's iconic horror noodles. After a lengthy period of wandering in sorrow, Mickey encounters BoyFriend, who challenges him to a rap battle to help him recover. In the first song, Unhappy, our uninterested mouse will express all of its dismay via music, before a typical Boyfriend. If you attempt to maintain the correct tempo, you will be able to sing Happy, not the Pharrell Williams theme song, but a more humorous and rhythmic second track in which Mickey will display all of his vocal abilities.
With. The Suicide Mouse V2 update includes the Really Happy music in the narrative mode and the Smile song in the free-to-play mode.

How to Play?
You may play FNF Suicide Mouse v2 mod Online Mod on your computer with WASD or Arrow Keys. You must hit the appropriate keys when the notes reach the judgment line. Using the Enter key, you may Start or pause the FNF Suicide Mouse v2 Mod.

Game Controls
Arrow Keys or WASD
Space and Enter

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