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FNF Vs. Paper Mario: The Origami King

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About FNF Vs. Paper Mario: The Origami King

Prepare to get folded! FNF: The Origami King is a modification for Friday Night Funkin' that combines the incredible story of Paper Mario: The Origami King with the fun of this well-known rhythm game.

The FNF and Paper Mario games have been merged into a single modification in which you can battle King Origami to save everyone from paper. Today, however, we are ecstatic to present you with the most recent mod set of its kind in the world, a mod set that has full three weeks for you and simultaneously improves the game:

Week 1
- Picnic road
- Red broadcast battle
- Missile Commander
Week 2
- Autumn Mountain Battle
- Vortex river
- Elastic entertainment
Week 3
- Yellow Streamer Battle
- Thrills At Night
- Disco Devil

Defeat the Origami King through music, and everyone will return to the world of paper!
You can choose to play these games in story mode or free play mode, and the objective in both is to match each note on the chart to reach the end of the song.

Note that if you forget to press the same arrow keys when the arrow symbols above the BF align, you will lose and have to restart the level.

As always, we wish you all good luck and a great time!

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