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FNF Vs. Mokey

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About FNF Vs. Mokey

FNF Vs. Mokey is a simple battle of music between the two most important people on the internet. Love for a newborn is universal and lasts forever.... In the mod FNF Vs. Mokey for Friday Night Funkin', you can go on a musical trip with Boyfriend and his new friends from the Mokey's Show! Sing in strange and epic rap battles against characters you'll probably never forget. With fun animations for each cutscene, Vs. Mokey will pull you into a world that is funny, crazy, and sometimes even scary. At the hardest difficulty level, the songs will also be a tough challenge. Some songs do have notes that you should try to avoid or not miss.

The adventure will start with three songs in the first week. Boyfriend will have to keep the beat against Mokey in the song "Boy" for the first rap battle. Don't worry, Mokey pulling a gun isn't always a bad thing! In the second song, "Ah Hyuck," Grooby will yell at you in Russian between two notes. You will have to sing with Dilan Duck in "Dilan Noises" for the final test of the week. Don't pay attention to his insults, he can't help it! The second week has a special Christmas song against Santa Mokey called "Krimah," which can be shared without being censored. But that's not all! The free play menu also has three songs that you can't miss in this mode.

Are you ready for the Best Friday Night Funkin' Contest? FNF vs. Mouse the Mouse is a brand-new mod for FNF. There is fair play in FNF vs. Mokey the Mouse Mod, but some of the last levels are hard.

In this Friday Night Funkin Mod, you will face some new enemies. Print FNF vs. Mokey the Mouse Mod, the boyfriend will keep trying to win his girlfriend's love. Beat your rivals in a rap battle to show your girlfriend's father how good you are.

How to play 
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