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FNF Vs. Limu : Late Night City Tales

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About FNF Vs. Limu : Late Night City Tales

Limu against FNF: Late Night City Tales Chapter 1 is a modification for Friday Night Funkin' that reveals the narrative of Limu, a peculiar lady with the capacity to turn people into statues with only a glance! During a woodland stroll, Boyfriend and Girlfriend get disoriented and stumble into Limu's weird castle, where he has lived alone for a very long time. She aims to capture and imprison our two pals forever, and in retaliation, Limu will challenge Boyfriend to a rap battle of legendary proportions. Discover Late Night Stories with the five tracks on which Boyfriend will showcase their singing abilities. The narrative will be conveyed via manga-style cutscenes that will immerse you in this unique and wonderful world. Will you be able to withstand Limu's immense strength and avoid being transformed into a statue?

The week-long light horror mod series Friday Night Funkin' FNF: Late Night City Tales examines urban folklore, frightening fairy stories, odd tales, and intriguing monsters.

This is the beginning section:

- A single character

- Full story including words and scenes from the movie

- Five unique tracks with three challenges (dark trap, d&b)

- Three unique arrows with various mechanics

- Detailed stage performance in the game

Once completed, a secret level will appear.

How To Play

Use the mouse

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