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FNF Vs. Jeffy

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About FNF Vs. Jeffy

In the mod FNF Vs. Jeffy V2 for Friday Night Funkin' you will have to challenge the famous character with a pencil in the nose Jeffy during several rap battles. Iconic figure of many videos of the SML youtube channel, Jeffy will offer you here to sing against him for two full weeks. Get to know each other in a the classic way during the first week by singing along to three songs that will teach you a bit more about your opponent of the day. But in the second week, the events of the story will change the game a little and Boyfriend will give way to other characters to sing against Jeffy on 5 songs. Keep the rhythm to discover the incredible scenario of this amusing and funny mod! FNF Vs. Jeffy 2.5: This update brings you the original two weeks with remastered songs and animations. New characters also make their appearance during two new songs accessible in free play, "Mario Please" and "The Love Potion". New game mechanics have also been added as well as a bonus song "The Cringe". Songs list: Do De Oh - Pencil - Bang Em And Slang Em - Play Doe - Real Boy - Fraud - Demented - Run - Mario Please - The Love Potion - The Cringe Credits: Mod creator: Carrmay Artist, animator: RiverOaken Game engine: Shadow Mario You can download FNF Vs. Jeffy V2 mod from the Original mod page.

How to play FNF Vs. Jeffy

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