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FNF Vs. Hex - [Friday Night Funkin']

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About FNF Vs. Hex - [Friday Night Funkin']

Friday Night Funkin is an 8-bit rhythm video game published by Nintendo in 1987. It is built for the Nintendo Famicom, and it plays like a combination of Dance Dance Revolution and Bemani. The goal of the game is to hit colored dots on a screen with arrows, which are marked in red, blue, or yellow. These colors represent different genres of funk music, so players must match them accordingly. If players miss too many arrows or get confused by the patterns that appear at each beat, they are penalized. A spin-off version of Friday Night Funk since it has similar gameplay: match arrows to funky beats and eliminate mistakes. Hex returns as Hex Mode—the player must avoid neutral spaces (neutral zones) while hitting hexes to earn points and unlock new dance tracks. Hex also has different objectives than its original counterpart; some levels are even harder than they were when they were first introduced in Hex: Orphanage. This time around, however, there will be more variety compared to how Hex felt samey back when it was first released in 2011: New areas have been added such as the Basement Hideaway with its dreary walls and coffin-shaped furniture; not just that but it was also expanded with new rooms such as a green room where the ceiling mirrors itself. Challenge rooms have also been added once again! 


How to play FNF Vs. Hex - [Friday Night Funkin']

Using Mouse


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