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FNF Vs. Hayase Nagatoro

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About FNF Vs. Hayase Nagatoro

This Friday evening is your first trip to Hayase Nagatoro's enchanted forest. Enjoy this brand-new funkin mod in which Boyfriend rap-fights famous Hayase Nagatoro Character Trials, such as Don't joke with me, Miss Nagatoro. This is one of the most popular Friday Night Funkin-based FNF Mods. You can play this vs. Hayase Nagatoro FNF Mod in Easy mode as it is a bit challenging. In this FNF vs. Hayase Nagatoro Mod, Boyfriend will face a new challenge from a well-known manga character.

How can I play?
You can play Vs. Hayase Nagatoro FNF Online Mod on your computer with WASD or Arrow Keys. Notes must be pressed when they reach the rating line. The Enter key is used to initiate or pause the Hayase Nagatoro Mod.

- Play all modes whenever you like
- Catchy tune with a funky rhythm - Varying levels of difficulty generate more alternatives
- Outstanding sound effects enhance the gaming experience. - Updated weekly.
- Entire foes from FNF mods (hell kitty, Garcello, Nagatoro...)

Enjoy your night of funky music!


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