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FNF Vs. Cartoon Cat - [Friday Night Funkin']

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About FNF Vs. Cartoon Cat - [Friday Night Funkin']

Are you prepared for the ultimate fight of Friday Night Funkin? FNF vs Cartoon Cat is a new FNF Mods addon. The gameplay of FNF vs. Cartoon Cat Mod is good, despite the late-game difficulty being quite challenging. Cartoon Cat is real, and you will fight him in a rap battle in FNF vs. Cartoon Cat, a modification for Friday Night Funkin'. With its large, round eyes, crooked teeth, and stretchy limbs, Cartoon Cat has made challenging BoyFriend its business! The mod features two songs for a week: Trapped Mouse and Reruns. On the first track, the dance beat will introduce you to your opponent for the day while warming up Boyfriend's vocal chords and your fingers on the piano. But a big peril threatens our lovers before Cat reveals his true machiavellian plan in the second musical cartoon! The wager will be significantly more sophisticated than a simple rap fight, and the tale may be explored through numerous animated scenes and dialogue. This game is great to play because it's not difficult, but it's extremely good and appealing; try hitting!!!
This mod includes:
Brand new week with 3 songs
New Cryptids


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