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FNF: Red Light, Green Light

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About FNF: Red Light, Green Light

FNF: Red Light, Green Light is a game based on the film Squid Game, and you can choose from the following characters: Mom, Dad Dhest, Pico, Monster, etc. After selecting the character you wish to begin this quest with, you will have to begin the game and race to the green line before other characters of the same race.

To avoid being shot by the guards protecting the robot doll (The Doll), you must proceed with extreme caution and only when the doll's back is turned and the green LED is illuminated. If you make a single move when the red LED is on and the doll is staring at you, you must presume that the doll's guards will shoot you. You will be able to purchase a variety of products in the game based on how many bonus points you manage to earn; thus, we advise you to carefully manage your money. mine.

The game contains a total of 10 levels, with the first level being the easiest and subsequent levels increasing in difficulty. You cannot access the store unless you possess at least $100.

To run, use W A S D or Arrows or the Mouse or the Touchscreen.


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