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FNF Portrait : Friday Night Funkin

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About FNF Portrait : Friday Night Funkin

Welcome to a brand-new edition of Friday Night Funkin's musical universe! Friday Night Funkin' Portrait is an innovative spin on the genre of clicker games. You are an alien who has landed on Earth and must perform missions to blend...Friday It's and our favorite guy wants to spend out with his girlfriend, but who will persuade her father to let them? If he wants to go on this Friday night date with GF, he must win a FNF dancing and singing war against Daddy, which you will assist him with. This FNF Portrait mod includes all key FNF characters, including Dad, BF, GF, Pico, Monster, and Spooky. If you and your team manage to survive, you have a chance to become renowned by live-streaming your survival and subsequent success. Prepare for a fast-paced and strategic challenge as you attempt to balance your team's offensive and defensive statistics while preventing their annihilation from one half of the arena to the other. How you manage the abilities of your team will determine whether or not they survive. Utilize the arrow keys on the keyboard to synchronize with the music. Best of luck and joy!
How to play Friday Night Funkin Portrait
Use the mouse


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