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FNF: Pico VS Tankman

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About FNF: Pico VS Tankman

Friday Night Funkin' Pico vs. Tankman invites you to experience a new and exciting mod in which you must aid Pico in his battle against the armed and deadly Tankman. Are you prepared to demonstrate your excellent rhythm and musical ability by grasping the microphone with all your might?

Don't let your fear cause you to lose control of the situation! Just use your imagination, adjust your ears as much as possible, do your best, and demonstrate that your character will do anything to win the ultimate battle. You can also get it if you have a Windows computer by clicking the download button below!

To switch to touch controls, tap the switch within the game. Use arrow keys to play audio (For mobile phones press D-pad button) Holding down the Spacebar and arrow keys will play a supplementary sound. Hope you like it!:) Hold down any button to maintain your position!


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