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FNF Pibby Sus Corrupted Hero Remix

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About FNF Pibby Sus Corrupted Hero Remix

A Suspiciously Groovy Remix

FNF Pibby Sus Corrupted Hero Remix is a Friday Night Funkin' mod that will leave you questioning everything in the world of rhythm battles. This unique and entertaining mod takes a twist on the iconic "Corrupted Hero" song, replacing the entire cast with Sussy Impostors and delivering a remix like no other.

How to Play

Playing FNF Pibby Sus Corrupted Hero Remix is a thrilling and slightly suspicious experience. Here's how to jump into this quirky remix:

  1. Enter the Sussy World: Brace yourself for a showdown like no other. As you begin, you'll notice that the familiar cast of "Corrupted Hero" has been replaced by Sussy impostors. Get ready to face these quirky characters in a rap battle.

  2. Listen and Groove: Embrace the remix as you groove to the beat. Your mission is to hit the correct notes by pressing the corresponding keys at just the right moments. Keep up with the rhythm to emerge victorious.

  3. Embrace the Remix: Enjoy the amusing twist on the "Corrupted Hero" song as it gets a Sussy makeover. The remix adds a layer of humor and surprise to the original, making it an enjoyable and unexpected experience.

  4. Show Your Skills: Challenge yourself to conquer the rap battles against the Sussy impostors and prove your rhythmic prowess.

FNF Pibby Sus Corrupted Hero Remix offers a hilarious and entertaining take on a beloved Friday Night Funkin' song. Dive into the Sussy world of impostors, groove to the remix, and prepare for a rhythm battle like no other.

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