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FNF: Classified

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About FNF: Classified

The new version of FNF called: "FNF: Classified" will not disappoint you. It is a mod that takes you on a musical journey through the hidden side of Mario 64. Join Boyfriend as he explores the secrets of the cult Nintendo console game through three rhythm songs against well-known opponents from the Mario universe.

The adventure begins with a week consisting of three songs. The first song, "Watery Severe," features Boyfriend facing off against Luigi in a rap battle to prove that he is not really absent from the Mario 64 game. The next song, "Funhouse," is a chase against Wario, testing your rhythm and reflexes. The third song, "Your Copy," is a challenge against a personalized version of Mario, inspired by the legend that each Mario 64 player had a unique experience with a different story and characters.

In the Freeplay menu, you will have access to three additional songs. Boyfriend will face Speedrunner Mario, Gilbert, and Sm64.z64 from the Creepypasta of the same name. These bonus songs offer even more challenges and opportunities for you to test your skills.

FNF: Classified is a mod that brings together the iconic characters and gameplay of Mario 64 with the rhythm-based mechanics of Friday Night Funkin'. With its catchy tunes and colorful visuals, FNF: Classified is sure to delight fans of both franchises.

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How to play FNF: Classified

Using Mouse

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