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FNF Bluey Tylenol

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About FNF Bluey Tylenol

Groove to the Colorful Beats of Bluey and Bingo!

Are you ready to embark on a musical adventure with Bluey and Bingo? Get ready for "FNF Bluey Tylenol," a delightful Friday Night Funkin' mod that's as colorful and vibrant as the beloved animated series itself. Join this fun-loving duo as they take center stage in a groovy rap battle that's bound to put a smile on your face.

  • Bluey and Bingo: Step into the shoes of Bluey and her little sister Bingo, the adorable characters from the hit children's show "Bluey." These playful pups are on a musical journey like no other, and they're inviting you to join in on the fun.

  • Rainbow Tylenol: The mod features the iconic track "Rainbow Tylenol" by Kitsune^2, a song known for its catchy melodies and vibrant visuals. Get ready to groove to the beat and show off your rhythm skills.

How to Play

Playing "FNF Bluey Tylenol" is as easy as following the rhythm and hitting the right notes. Here's how you can enjoy this mod:

  1. Choose Your Character: Start by selecting either Bluey or Bingo as your character. Each pup has their unique style, so pick your favorite or switch between them for added variety.

  2. Rap Battle: Once you've chosen your character, it's time to jump into a rap battle against the opponent. Follow the on-screen prompts and hit the correct notes at the right time to keep the music flowing.

  3. Enjoy the Music: Immerse yourself in the catchy tunes of "Rainbow Tylenol" and watch as Bluey and Bingo dance to the beat. The vibrant visuals and exciting gameplay will keep you entertained throughout the rap battle.

  4. Advance Through Levels: As you progress through the mod, the rap battles become more challenging. Test your reflexes and timing to achieve the highest score possible.


"FNF Bluey Tylenol" is not just a mod; it's a musical journey filled with fun, excitement, and colorful characters. Whether you're a fan of the "Bluey" series or simply enjoy rhythm games, this mod offers a unique and entertaining experience. Join Bluey and Bingo as they rap to the beats of "Rainbow Tylenol" and create unforgettable musical memories. Get ready to dance, groove, and show off your Friday Night Funkin' skills with this adorable mod!

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