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FNF BF Sings My Ordinary Life

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About FNF BF Sings My Ordinary Life

Groove to the Beat!

Friday Night Funkin' fans, get ready for an electrifying experience like no other with the BF Sings My Ordinary Life Mod. This fantastic mod brings a whole new level of rhythm and excitement to the game as Boyfriend takes the stage to perform the hit song "My Ordinary Life" by The Living Tombstone. Get ready to immerse yourself in the music and face off against your opponents in this thrilling musical showdown.

How to Play

Playing the BF Sings My Ordinary Life Mod is as easy as grooving to the beat. Here's how you can get started:

  1. Install the Mod: Before you dive into the action, make sure you have the mod installed. You can find installation instructions on various FNF modding platforms.

  2. Select Your Difficulty: Choose your preferred difficulty level. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, there's a level that's just right for you.

  3. Challenge Your Opponents: Face off against your opponents in epic rap battles. As Boyfriend, you'll need to match the rhythm and hit the right notes to win.

  4. Enjoy the Music: Immerse yourself in the catchy tunes of "My Ordinary Life" as you aim to outperform your opponents and win the hearts of the audience.

  5. Follow the Beat: Keep an eye on the on-screen prompts and hit the corresponding keys at the right time to stay in the groove and secure victory.


The BF Sings My Ordinary Life Mod for Friday Night Funkin' adds a fresh and exciting twist to the game. With Boyfriend as your musical avatar, you'll take on formidable opponents, showcase your rhythmic skills, and aim for victory while enjoying the infectious beats of "My Ordinary Life" by The Living Tombstone. So, if you're a fan of FNF and a lover of great music, don't miss out on this incredible mod. It's time to step onto the stage and show the world your extraordinary skills in the world of My Ordinary Life!

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