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FNF Ben's Adventure - [Friday Night Funkin']

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About FNF Ben's Adventure - [Friday Night Funkin']

Bens Adventure night funk is one of the most fun games on the Nintendo Switch. Bens Adventure Friday night funk is a rhythm-based action game where you have to compose music by hitting different colored notes to progress through multiple levels. The game also features a Funkin' system that allows you to unlock special tunes and additional levels as you play more. A noisy space on Friday night hosted by musician Ben Ferguson. The theme is "funk" as in the lilting rhythm, soulful tunes and a bit of rudimentary rhythms and blues sound harking back to the days of James Brown leading people in the spirit dance at service centers as the service center he founded in his hometown. Augusta, Georgia. It's a great way to unwind after a tiring week at work and connect with your friends and neighbours. You can even let loose on the drums or guitar if you're feeling lean! Take a look at some photos of past jams to get a visual idea of ​​what it looked like. You don't need any musical or instrumental experience to join - just get ready to go!


How to play FNF Ben's Adventure - [Friday Night Funkin']

Using Mouse


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