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FNF: Before Christmas (Tattletail)

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About FNF: Before Christmas (Tattletail)

A Rhythmic Showdown with Tattletale

FNF: Before Christmas (Tattletail) is a Friday Night Funkin' mod that brings a unique and festive twist to the rhythm battle game. In this mod, Boyfriend finds himself in a rap-battle showdown against none other than his virtual pet toy, Tattletale. Get ready for a musical adventure that's both charming and rhythmically challenging.

How to Play

Playing FNF: Before Christmas (Tattletail) is a delightful and entertaining experience. Here's how to get started:

  1. Meet Tattletale: Say hello to Tattletale, your virtual pet toy who's come to life for a rap-battle showdown. Get ready to face off against this adorable yet surprisingly competitive opponent.

  2. Listen to the Beats: As the mod begins, immerse yourself in the festive beats and catchy tunes. Your goal is to hit the right notes by pressing the corresponding keys at the perfect moments. Keep up with the rhythm to outperform Tattletale.

  3. Embrace the Festive Vibes: The mod infuses a delightful Christmas atmosphere into the world of Friday Night Funkin'. Enjoy the holiday-themed visuals and the unique charm of battling your virtual pet in a rap duel.

  4. Show Your Rhythmic Skills: Rise to the challenge and prove your rap-battle prowess as you face off against Tattletale. Can you keep up with the virtual pet's surprising musical talent?

FNF: Before Christmas (Tattletail) offers a heartwarming and musically charged experience that combines the joy of the holiday season with the excitement of Friday Night Funkin'. Get ready to groove alongside Tattletale and embrace the festive vibes in this entertaining mod.

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