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Daddy Rabbit

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About Daddy Rabbit

Are you ready for some relaxing time in front of the screen? Why don’t you spend some quality time with your favorite person by playing some online games together? Your friend or family member who also loves playing online games as much as you do? Or maybe, you just want to play some fun games and forget everything around you? Whatever the reason is, here we have some best rabbit games for you to play with your bunny! Reading a book or watching a movie is an excellent idea to take care of your mind and relax. However, these activities are usually limited to specific hours of the day. But with the help of an online game, you can play whenever you have free time. Rabbit Games for Kids will not just help you relieve stress, but it will also help you learn different things and have fun with your friends or family. These are some of the best rabbit games available online for kids of all ages. So, let’s get

Did you ever wonder what rabbits do all day? Well, now you know! Your little redneck bunny is hungry and impatient, so you decide to feed her. Your rabbit is a bit dumb but she's always eager to learn new tricks, so you're hoping this will be a positive experience for her. This game is called "Rabbit". Rabbit is a simple but challenging game where you, the player, are tasked to feed the rabbit. There are many different types of rabbit, and you must use a specific type of feed to gain their trust and gain points. When you feed the rabbit, it'll make a cute little meep noise, which is your signal that the rabbit likes what it's been given. But be careful, if it makes a displeased noise, that means it doesn't like what you've given it, and you'll lose points. Your bunny is hungry, so go out and find it some rabbit

This is the story of a Rabbit who is a very naughty boy. He has just been naughty, but he is sorry. He knows how to be good and he promises his mother he'll never be naughty again. His mother believed him and she let him take care of the vegetables in their vegetable farm. Now he needs to learn how to take care of the vegetables properly and make sure they don't get any diseases. There are many vegetables and they each have their own needs and requirements. He needs to watch out for pests, check the temperature, fertilize, water and much more. He needs to be the best vegetable farmer ever. It won hide from enemies, collect items and unlock achievements in this casual game for Android. It is easy to learn, but difficult to master. Good

Are you fond of playing games on your mobile device? If yes, then you will love this one too. This rabbit has been trapped in a farm and it needs your help to escape! You must use your logical thinking and help it escape by collecting love hearts and solving puzzles. The game is available with beautiful graphics and interesting gameplay. It has been developed using HTML5 and optimized for both mobile and desktop devices. Hope you will love it as much as we

Today we are going to talk about a new app on Google Play Store, Rabbit Game. This app is developed by a farm and it lets you play a game with an adorable bunny. The app is appropriate for both kids and adults. Let’s check out why this game is so popular, and how you can play


How to play Daddy Rabbit

Using Mouse


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