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Animation Vs. Friday Night Funkin'

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About Animation Vs. Friday Night Funkin'

The Chosen One and the other stickman figures were playing cards until Orange discovered a new game on Alan's computer. The game is titled "Friday Night Funkin"; Orange walks there and tries to open it, but nothing happens; He then launches Adobe Animate and pulls out a hammer to destroy it. Boyfriend was among those he defeated in the game. Boyfriend will face numerous adversaries, such as Funkin' Green, The Dark Lord, The Chosen One, Alan Becker himself, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Dud, Beestick, and even his own chicken. Minecraft. Alan Becker's Animation vs. Animator series provides the majority of the stickmen. Your journey will begin with a whole week of six rhythmic rap fights against other players. But that's not all; there will be additional challenges in the Freeplay menu, along with at least seven bonus songs, including the awful "Vengeance" tune.

This mod includes:
- 3 good songs
- 2 bonus songs for completing the first week
- Crazy difficulty if you want to challenge yourself
- Animated cutscenes yes
- And it is the chosen one

How to play?
You may play Animation vs Animator: The Chosen One Online Mod using WASD or Arrow Keys on your computer. When the note reaches the judgement line, you must depress the keys. By using the Enter key, you can begin or pause the FNF Animation vs Animator: The Chosen One Mod.


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